Issue No.10 — F&B Part 1

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October 2021

Spotlight Issue No.10
F&B Part 1

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Consumers are undergoing a profound shift in their approach to food and drink, with a surge in plant-based diets and a heightened emphasis on sustainability and transparency in the post-pandemic era.

Recent findings from Oxford University reveal a decline of 17% in daily meat consumption in the UK over the past decade. Additionally, 58% of European Gen Zs say the pandemic has heightened their awareness of healthy eating habits.

This trend is poised to persist, especially among younger demographics. In the UK, 35% of Gen Z and 32% of Millennials currently embrace vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian diets.

This shift is also evident in evolving drinking patterns, notably with the growing popularity of the NoLo (No or Low alcohol) category. 18% of British consumers express intentions to explore more low-alcohol and alcohol-free beverage options, with this figure rising to a third among individuals aged 18 to 24.

As discussed in previous Spotlight issues, the pandemic has propelled environmentally and socially conscious attitudes. Fifty-five percent of global consumers now prioritise purchasing from companies that support environmental protection or offer products with transparent and traceable origins.


Non-alcoholic, adaptogenic beverages – courtesy of Boisson


While the luxury hospitality sector and fine dining category declined by 15-17% in 2020, venues quickly adapted by developing new concepts and revenue streams, making the most of previously niche touchpoints – including ‘finish at home’ tasting menus, luxury meal kits, Michelin-star deliveries and cocktails for curbside pick-ups.

This year also witnessed renowned chefs and industry leaders venturing into the plant-based realm: Eleven Madison Park transformed into a vegan establishment in May, boasting a staggering waiting list of 15,000, while Alain Ducasse unveiled Sapid, a 95% plant-based and eco-conscious restaurant in Paris in September.

It comes as no surprise then, that 81 vegetarian or vegan restaurants were awarded a Michelin Star in 2021 and the Michelin Guide introduced a Green Star to award restaurants at the forefront of sustainability, including zero-waste restaurant Silo, London.

Beyond restaurants, retailers and hotels are adapting their beverage offerings to cater to guests seeking zero or low-alcohol options.

IHG Hotels & Resorts, are experimenting with premium and health-enhancing non-alcoholic beverages in their dining establishments while a host of new retailers like Boisson in NYC, Soft Spirits in Los Angeles and Null Prozent in Berlin focus their offer exclusively on the ever-growing range of premium non-alcoholic drinks.


Cucumber with melon and smoked daikon – courtesy of Eleven Madison Park


The latest hospitality and F&B design concepts are enticing consumers back by tapping into their desire for authenticity, transparency, and memorable experiences.

Soho House has opened its newest location in Austin, Texas, with a design concept based on Texas modernism, Spanish influences, and local craftsmanship.

Fendi’s recent pop-up café in the Miami Design District applied its most iconic brand asset, its FF logo, to everything from the interior concept to breakfast items for a bold and distinctive brand experience.

In Bangkok, PAGA, a micro-roastery and café, invites guests to immerse themselves in the full coffee journey, from roasting to cup. The space is reminiscent of the coffee's mountainous origins, with the top floor dedicated to the precious beans and workshops. 

For those seeking elevated dining experiences at home, brands and designers are reinventing staples with a focus on luxury and sustainability. One notable example is Onsuri, a Jordanian family-run olive oil producer, which has introduced its premium products to the off-trade/D2C channel. Featuring a range of fine olive oil varieties and a subscription refill system, Onsuri's striking packaging reflects a modern aesthetic, reinforcing a sense of sophistication and progress.


PAGA micro-roastery & café, Bangkok – courtesy of PAGA